Used Book Store

Your library maintains a collection of gently used hardcovers (both fiction and nonfiction), paperbacks, children's books, magazines, and DVDs that can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Please visit the library during our working hours to check out the regularly updated selection. 

DVDs - $1.00

Hardcovers - $1.00 

Nonfiction - $0.50

Paperbacks - $ 0.50 

Children's Books - $ 0.25

Magazines - $ 0.10 


Donate Used Books to Your Library

The Sioux Lookout Public Library accepts used book donations and puts them to use in the community. Think of us the next time you are de-cluttering, paring down for a move, or hoping to share a good read with others.

Please read the criteria (listed below) carefully as the library is forced to discard unsuitable material—which is time consuming and a drain on our resources. Newspapers, magazines, damaged books, and most of the other material we will not take can be recycled; please keep this in mind when preparing your donations.



Library staff will sort through acceptable donations and choose one of the following uses for each item:

1) Added to our collection for use by the public.
2) Sold in our Used Book Store.
3) Set aside for the annual Book Give-Away (held during the Blueberry Festival)
4) Shipped to an online distributor.

The Sioux Lookout Public Library works with Better World Books, an organization that collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. BetterWorld Books receives donations (at no cost to the sender) from more than 2,000 libraries in North America and sells them online through marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. A portion of the proceeds from the sales are returned to the library, allowing us to purchase new material.



Ex-Library copies (material with spine labels, bar codes, stamps, etc.)

College textbooks (must be published within past 10 years)

Antiquarian, rare, and collectible books (e.g. special collections)

Dictionaries and thesauruses

Children’s books

Hardcover fiction and non-fiction

CDs, DVDs, books on CD, and video games (only complete sets with original case art)

Paperbacks (fiction and non-fiction)

Travel books (must be published within past 3 years)

Foreign language books written in Western script



Books in poor condition due to water-damage, mold or dirt, or missing covers or pages.

VHS Tapes, audio cassettes, LP Records

Cookbooks, Dictionaries, and Encyclopaedias older than 10 years. 

Tax and government documents

Periodicals (journals, newspapers, magazines)


Sending us your donations:

Small bags of donations (no more than ten books) can be placed in our book drop or dropped off at the library during our working hours.

If you have a large amount of donations, please contact the library by emailing or phoning 737-3600 to arrange for a drop-off time.