Tracks Beside the Water

Tracks Beside the Water is a 3-volume set of historical books about Sioux Lookout and the surrounding area. In 2017, the Sioux Lookout Public Library digitized the long out-of-print Volume One. This digital edition along with print editions of Volume Two and Volume Three are available for purchase from the Sioux Lookout History and Genealogy Club.

Volume 1 (digital edition on CD) - $15

Volume 2 (print edition) - $15

Volume 3 (print edition) - $15

Three Volume Set - $35.


Volumes of Tracks Beside the Water can be shipped in Canada. You are responsible for sending an electronic money transfer payment, which includes the cost of shipping, before the books are shipped to you:

Three Volume Set - $39.00 Shipping + $35.00 = $74.00

Single Print Volume - $34.00 Shipping + $15.00 = $49.00


Please email or phone 1-807-737-3660  if you are interested in purchasing volumes of Tracks Beside the Water.